Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

My dad slipped two disks in his back and was suddenly unable to help my stepmom finish up their move from one apartment to another, so I packed the kids into the car and we went over to help.

A little backstory: a few years ago, I fell down my cement basement stairs and hurt my ankle. I thought it was just a bad sprain, but when it was still bothering me a year later, and had caused enough problems that my opposite’s leg’s knee was now also giving me problems (popping out of socket and the most inopportune times), I had x-rays done. That’s when I found out I had actually broken my ankle and now had arthritis in both of my knees and my ankle. Most of the time, it’s not a problem. Today was not most of the time.

See, I was going up and down stairs all day and my knees weren’t bothering me at all. I was reveling in this. I carried boxes all day like a champ! Then, at the end, they suddenly let me know that I’d looked the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. By the time I got home, I could barely make it up the short flight to my apartment. I had run out of spoons, as they say.

However, I was glad to use up all the spoons for my stepmom. She was outrageously appreciative, which made it all worth it. My kids worked their butts off, too. And we got pizza and use of their pool!

Now I just need to take it easy tomorrow. But the laundry will not do itself, no matter how I will it so.

Here are a few photos from today:

Dawson found his next Halloween costume.

Elee and Tux admired themselves.

Malcolm let me know that she loves the new apartment and was glad I showed up to help.


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