Watercolorist in the Making!

I have officially picked up a new hobby. I had this secret desire, as I do with most artsy things, to just start and be a complete natural. Honestly, with most artsy things this is true for me.

This is so not the case with watercolor. Everything I have painted looks very elementary, which is normal, right? I have zero training (unless you count watching numerous YouTube videos). I did do a lot of research. I love the look of watercolor paintings. They just seem more free and flowing than acrylic or oil. I need more free and flowy in my life.

As a graphic designer by trade, I am finding it outrageously difficult to escape the bounds of my usual black outlines.

I just bought myself a book of watercolor lessons, so I’ll post more of my progression and all that stuff.

Currently, my favorite thing about this new hobby is that my two youngest children (7 and 10) have also been playing around with it. It’s a nice bonding time that we get to spend together each weekend (Saturdays are for painting!).

Anyway, here are the paintings I’ve done so far. I’ll get better.



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